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1) 1:1 Care Online Globally 2) 1:1 Care Offline (Kolkata & Howrah Only)


Our Teachers are well trained , when comes to knowledge, wisdom, Sincerity Teacher's Etiquette.

Child Care

Is your child or teen glued to screen ? What should you do as a parent ? Ask us at 79804663379

Study Home cover Classes

KG, i-iv class, vi-xii class, Graduation (B.A, B.COM, B.SC), Masters Degree(M.A, M.SC M.COM), JEE, IIT, Engineering etc.

Subject We Cover

Any Subject , Every Subject that can be taught.

English, Math, History, Geography, Civics, Science, Hindi, Bengali, Foreign Language, JEE, IIT, Commerce, Business Study, Economics, Accountancy, and many more Child Psychology, Parents Psychology. Book your teacher now.

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Our Philoshopy

We believe that students learn best when they feel welcomed, comfortable and safe. We are always in the process of creating an ambience where one gets a feeling of culture, calmness and cleanliness and in which each student can enjoy a second home.

Our Commitment

Study Home is committed to excellence in all spheres of its activity. We always put the effort to make each of you feel welcomed, loved, cared for and challenge you to become the best version of yourself.

Our Mission

Make education a continuing-never ending process. Teach and inspire with creativity and enthusiasm. Build a better future for all.

Our Values

To support everyone’s worth and dignity. Encourage students to compete skilfully and with sportsmanship. To be considerate.


Education Consultancy., Online Home Tutoring Globally, Offline Home Tutoring., Hiring Teachers, Free Parenting Classes.

Our Promises

We promise for the highest standards of honesty, fairness, respect and professional ethics. Provide a vibrant learning community.

Online Tutoring Globally

Study Home provide online tutoring globally book your Teacher now

World Wide Education

Suffering form Mental health? / Can not concentrate on studies? / Stress for exam ? / Parenting stress?

World Wide Education

Parenting sessions

Mental health care

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Extracurricular Activities

Dance, Music ( Vocal & Instruments ) Guitar, Violin, Piano, Recitation, Drawing, Crafting etc.


Study Home is known for its A class education,faculties,educators and teachers and most importantly techniques .

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Do you want to return back to the society?

Be part of Study Home's Social work project .

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